Projects / Public Library

Projects site presents a small hill and the brief was to create a partially hypogean building.
In order to meet program and budget requirement the design is simple and straightforward aiming to achieve the best possible internal conditions for this kind of function.
A simple rhythm of pillars and twin beams and a single pitched roof, define the architectural aspect. A light screen of wooden boards filter the glazed entrance, which is a cut in the middle of the hill.
Timber, stone and glass are the main materials, the opaque section on the right hosts a multimedia room and auditorium.
Architectural design and internal detailing, together with the materials choice act together to deliver the best visual condition with the lowest overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.
Bespoke flooring of children and main reading room bring in natural colours. In this sense a fundamental role is also played by the “secret” garden on the back which works as a light well and gives a pleasant view toward a quite green yard.

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