Projects / Green Boulevards - Renewable Energy

The design proposal focuses on the possibilities given by the Motorway track to became a “linear renewable energy generator” aiming at the same time to landscape design and pollution control.
Four categories of intervention were identified, each typology addresses a specific topic.
The Breathing Station helps reducing pollution at motorway gates thanks to a membrane which absorbs the pollutant agents but is permeable to air and sunlight.
The Gallery Hat at gallery entrance reduces light contrast (which could cause glare).
Pv Pergola produces energy in areas well exposed to solar radiation, while, where motorway is overshadowed by, for instance, high trees or buildings, Solar Geo Thermal “Towers” can be installed.
Climbing plants grow up on a mesh of cables stretched between the vertical elements and act as a screen for the polluting agents, throughout the Motorway path.

The project was awarded during the Venice Biennale for the International Design Competition called "Green Boulevards"

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